Green Hydrogen; A Pipe Dream?

As more countries are making green hydrogen a priority for their energy needs, there is only one significant player with the experience, technology and capability to start a world-scale, green hydrogen revolution – Air Products

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EEMerging Before Our Eyes

As Asia navigates the pandemic successfully, their economies are starting to fire on all cylinders setting up EEM to drive well into 2021. Leveraging an elite class of Asian stocks, this ETF rallied ahead of broader ETFs with a 5% gain, outpacing even S&P 500’s 2%. With Alibaba, Tencent, SK Hynix and Samsung making up it’s portfolio, does this ETF continue to earn a place in your portfolio diversification?

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An Exxellent opportunity

Everyone loves their labels and the villains of climate change are arguably the oil and gas companies but before we count Exxon out as a “climate risk”, let’s dig deeper into this opportunity to see what may be just beneath the surface.

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LAZR Focused on Tomorrow

Luminar Technologies shares skyrocketed to 110% just days after it went public earlier this month but much like all IPOs, they represent a shifting of risk to the public from the private equity making this interesting but only when the price is right. Does Luminar offer a bright future or is it just flash in the pan?

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The "clean" Burning Question

Natural gas fuel supplier Clean Energy Fuels surged to new heights — increasing its stock by 11.8%. While everything looks great on the alternative energy front, market optimism may have gotten ahead of itself as industry players shift risk from the upcoming pivot to electric vehicles. This means we can tease out opportunities in the months ahead.

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To Infinity and Beyond Meat

The vegan meat company Beyond Meat created a new food category 10 years ago – the healthier, plant-based meat alternative that tastes just as good as real beef. Today, Beyond Meat products are available in over 84 countries and 112,000 retail and food service locations when in 2019, a few months after its IPO, Beyond Meat stock sky rocketed to an all-time high of 859%. Does Beyond Meat stock taste as good as it did last year?

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