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Banking on the mouse

As the corona virus shuts down the parks, impacting many segments of their vast empire; the market is pricing in the next few quarters as if the mouse doesn’t own a dominant position across film, tv, music, gaming, consumer goods and publishing. Don’t count Disney out so soon, after all “All it takes is faith and trust.”.

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A Dilemma Facing Delta

With countries restricting travel, international carriers are faced with headwinds that even the strongest jets will struggle to take off. But investors must see further than the immediate bans and position for when travel returns. The low oil prices should provide excellent opportunities for airlines to lock in prices as well.

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Processing the impact on human capital

While the Corona Virus is front and center, ADP still has great long term earnings potential with a growth rate estimated at 13% and a strong business model with high recurring revenue despite the immediate impact. By positioning itself around cloud-based solutions, they should be able to weather the storm in an environment where remote trends continue to be strong around all aspects of human resources.

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