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Leave It To Levi

Levi Strauss & Co. has done well this past year, even with the economic downturn. One of their newest plans is NextGen - a physical store format geared to millennials and Gen Z in the post-pandemic world, meant to engage these generational consumers more in the arts. Let's find out if this is enough to turn the tide.

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Feeling Crisp'r about Gene-Editing

CRISPR research got much traction in 2020 when it began to be seen as a possible medical technology. CRISPR-Cas9 is used to edit genes and alter parts of DNA. Investors listened when companies started showing success with these trials because rare genetic disorders could be eliminated, and quality of life increased by using this technique. Is there an opportunity for us to ride the trend?

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Silver's Moment to Shine?

Silver is a much-needed investment these days. It remains one of the few investments that has fared well in this economic downturn, and it's a great way to hedge against inflation. The iShares Silver Trust had $7.86 billion in assets under management and had produced an average annual total return of 0.46 percent since its inception in 2006.

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EEMerging Opportunities

Emerging Markets are all the rage these days, but they have been known for their unpredictability and volatile nature. As Asia battles with the COVID and supply constraints impact prices, are their economies in jeopardy of misfiring in the near term? With Alibaba, Tencent, SK Hynix and Samsung making up it’s portfolio, does this ETF continue to perform with chip shortages?

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Seeking yield with corporate bonds

As investors hunt for yield with the Fed continuing their dovish policy, corporate bonds may be an opportunity in addition to index funds. As global bond ETFs grow in popularity, Blackrock’s ETF already has been added to the Fed’s purchases. Providing exposure to hundreds of individual bonds in a single ETF, high yield bonds seek to provide more income than investment grade bonds and US treasuries.

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