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A Tarrific Opportunity

As the holiday season approaches, FedEx is typically a bellwether for the economy and its weakness of late has some believing it is forecasting a slowdown as they navigate the tariffs. But as more companies take on delivery challenges around protecting their online presence, FedEx is poised to bounce as consumers steadily move more of their purchases online despite increasing prices, people still want their packages.

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Amassing Global Dominance

The growth of Amazon these past few years has been remarkable and the challenges coming will test their resolve. Penetrating the India market, shifting mindsets around trying to commoditize the Echo line, and disrupting the food industry, should give us opportunity to take a position in the giant.

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How do you like them Apples?

While many believe Apple to be the first trillion dollar company, it was in fact PetroChina that claims this right after a successful debut on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Nov. 5 in the same year; 2007. But as fate would have it, they couldn’t hold on to the title and subsequently lost $260 Billion, as is often a hallmark of investor euphoria. Could Apple be in alignment with tech’s recent rise?

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Buying with Alibaba

Arguably the driving push behind the force known as Alibaba, the visionary Jack Ma has made moves to return to his pursuit of education at what is viewed as an inconvenient time. This transition is aligning with China’s efforts to counteract the trade war with the United States but is an opportunity for investors with a middle class that has an insatiable appetite for the Amazon of China.

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Thinking sanely about Tesla

The golden boy of silicon valley and arguably the poster child for visionaries and investors alike, Musk embodies the idea of what the public holds for an entrepreneur even if the people in the trenches are not quite so taken by the facade. That said, markets are a balance of what is today and what could be tomorrow with Tesla providing that blend in spades. But has the market gotten ahead of itself recently is the question.

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