Silver's Moment to Shine?

Silver is a much-needed investment these days. It remains one of the few investments that has fared well in this economic downturn, and it's a great way to hedge against inflation. The iShares Silver Trust had $7.86 billion in assets under management and had produced an average annual total return of 0.46 percent since its inception in 2006.

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Access Silver Conveniently

ETFs can be a cost-effective and straightforward way for those interested in investing in silver without the hassle of the physical asset. The shares of the trust are not a perfect replacement for owning real silver, but they provide an alternative to holding physical silver by offering exposure to both short-term price changes and long-term value appreciation.

Modest Annual Expense ratio

Shares in the fund are proportional undivided interests of the valuable assets held by the iShares Silver Trust. Compared to other precious metal ETF counterparts, its annual fees are comparatively lower at 0.5%. And with no front or back charges making it an ideal choice to most mutual funds.

With a modest annual expense ratio, silver investment is an attractive investment option for many who like the low-risk investment approach.

Price and Demand Volatility

Investing in silver ETFs does carry a lot of risks though. Over the last five years, supply has continued to outnumber demand for silver worldwide, putting downward pressure on the prices. The manufacturing industry has many applications and parts of electrical conductor materials frequently drive demand for silver as well as coinage minting and jewelry making.

One potential adverse effect of investing in silver is the possibility that its price will decline when industry sectors, like consumer electronics or drugs, experience weakness but given the supply constraints of late, that appears to be mitigated to some degree. In addition, jewelry sales often ebb and flow making possible decrease demand as global discretionary spending declines when tastes change or declining income levels.

The Intersection of Opportunity

The iShares Silver Trust provides a base-level investment to diversify assets while still protecting its buyers from fears of inflation. Should the price of silver rises at a rate beyond financial projections we could see some weakness but is very unlikely in the current environment.

Green Channel

reward : risk
level reached 63.64%
Blue Channel

reward : risk
level reached 41.56%
Red Channel

reward : risk
level reached 23.38%

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