This Firm Brochure, dated 11/03/2016, provides you with a summary of MarketAlly LCC's services and fees, professionals, certain business practices and policies, as well as actual or potential conflicts of interest, among other things. This Item is used to provide our clients with a summary of new and/or updated information; we will inform of the revision(s) based on the nature of the information as follows.

1. Annual Update: We are required to update certain information at least annually, within 90 days of our firm’s fiscal year-end (FYE) of October 31. We will provide you with either a summary of the revised information with an offer to deliver the full revised Brochure within 120 days of our FYE or we will provide you with our revised Brochure that will include a summary of those changes in this Item.

2. Material Changes: Should a material change in our operations occur, depending on its nature, we will promptly communicate this change to clients (and it will be summarized in this Item). "Material changes" requiring prompt notification will include changes of ownership or control; location; disciplinary proceedings; significant changes to our advisory services or advisory affiliates – any information that is critical to a client’s full understanding of who we are, how to find us, and how we do business.

MarketAlly presently does not offer advisory services while we pivot new service offerings compared to the information previously provided in our Firm Brochure to date.


MarketAlly LLC. is no longer a registered investment adviser with its principal place of business located in Bradenton, Florida. MarketAlly LLC. The firm's principal shareholders are listed below. (i.e., those individuals and/or entities controlling 25% or more of the company).

• David H. Friedel, Jr.

Types of Advisory Services

MarketAlly presently does not offer any personalized advisory services. We only operate timing services and products designed for investor education.  Nothing is to be construed as investment advice and you should consult your investment advisor before taking any action on the supplied information.



Our fees are subscription-based with trial offers for all programs.  We have an affiliate program with TopStepTrader which those participating are granted free use of the system in qualifying that offset any fees collected as a result. 


MarketAlly LLC provides education and opinions to investors of all levels.



Methods of Analysis

We use the following methods of analysis in formulating our investment education for our newsletter and only employ technical analysis for our automated trading services:

Fundamental Analysis. We attempt to measure the intrinsic value of a security by looking at economic and financial factors (including the overall economy, industry conditions, and the financial condition and management of the company itself) to determine if the company is underpriced (indicating it may be a good time to buy) or overpriced (indicating it may be time to sell).

Fundamental analysis does not attempt to anticipate market movements. This presents a potential risk, as the price of a security can move up or down along with the overall market regardless of the economic and financial factors considered in evaluating the vehicle.

Technical Analysis. We analyze past market movements and apply that analysis to the present in an attempt to recognize recurring patterns of investor behavior and potentially predict future price movement. We use this specifically for certain asset classes to allow algorithms to make tactical allocation changes to our portfolios.

Technical analysis does not consider the underlying financial condition of a company. This presents a risk in that a poorly-managed or financially unsound company may underperform regardless of market movement. An additional risk with using technical analysis for tactical allocation changes is that the allocation change may not produce the desired result due to unanticipated market movements.

Investment Strategies

Our primary strategy is allowing our algorithms and AI to make adjustments as needed to maximize reward and minimize risk.  This may at times result in short-term holdings while other times be long-term in nature.  As our automated trading platform manages these decisions, the drawdowns are designed to be short in nature which means if markets are choppy the time horizons will be short and vice versa.


We are required to disclose any legal or disciplinary events that are material to a client's or prospective client's evaluation of our advisory business or the integrity of our management.

Neither our firm nor our management personnel has reportable disciplinary events to disclose.


MarketAlly LLC endeavors at all times to put the interest of all individuals first as part of our fiduciary duty even though we are no longer a registered investment advisor; we take the following steps to address this conflict:

  • we disclose to clients the existence of all material conflicts of interest, including the potential for our firm and our employees to earn compensation from advisory clients in addition to our firm's advisory fees;
  • we disclose to clients that they are not obligated to purchase recommended investment products from our employees or affiliated companies;
  • we collect, maintain, and document accurate, complete, and relevant client background information, including the individual's risk tolerance;


MarketAlly's presently receives affiliate incentives for TopStepTrader which we subsidize the individual's enrollment period to qualify with our service.  MarketAlly, therefore, makes no revenue on the process.


The custody rule under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 defines custody as "holding, directly or indirectly, client funds or securities, or having any authority to obtain possession of them." Any arrangement or capacity that authorizes or permits the adviser or a related person of the adviser to withdraw client funds or securities, e.g. a general power of attorney or serving as trustee on a client's trust constitutes custody for advisers.

MarketAlly LLC does not have custody of any individual funds.


Under no circumstances do we require or solicit payment of services in advance of services rendered.  All subscriptions allow from both monthly or yearly offerings. 

MarketAlly LLC. has never been the subject of a bankruptcy petition.