Seeking yield with corporate bonds

As investors hunt for yield with the Fed continuing their dovish policy, corporate bonds may be an opportunity in addition to index funds. As global bond ETFs grow in popularity, Blackrock’s ETF already has been added to the Fed’s purchases. Providing exposure to hundreds of individual bonds in a single ETF, high yield bonds seek to provide more income than investment grade bonds and US treasuries.

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Dancing with Deutsche Bank

In these unprecedented times of monetary intervention, the negative rates employed by the central bank; either here or abroad, often put extreme stress on banking institutions to create revenue along with increased regulation but recent activity in the Eurozone suggests that some banks may have been incorrectly priced from recent restructuring attempts.

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Banking on America

It is no mystery that the longer the Fed keeps from raising rates, the harder it is for banks to make money which depresses their stock values. In anticipation of the eventual rate increase, certain banks have taken the brunt of the punishment the past few years as they struggle to restructure to become more efficient in an ever increasingly competitive market but some are showing value when the rates begin to rise.

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Building more than just yields with REITs

As investors start searching for yield, opportunities will materialize in real estate once more. As the Fed continues its drum beating around low rates, a quick opportunity exists to extract some yield with a nice dividend to boot before the year end. Enter stage right, Western Asset Management who is leading the pack with high dividends and a chart pattern that suggests we could acquire some at a discount as well.

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