Delivery is King

As the corona virus steps up its intensity, Bezos has focused all his attention and resources to meeting the enormous demand as States take a defensive stance to combat the spread of the virus. Seeking to hire 100K new employees to meet the demand, the numerous businesses that have been forced to shut down provide communities in need of work at least for the immediate future some options.

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Amassing Global Dominance

The growth of Amazon these past few years has been remarkable and the challenges coming will test their resolve. Penetrating the India market, shifting mindsets around trying to commoditize the Echo line, and disrupting the food industry, should give us opportunity to take a position in the giant.

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Thinking sanely about Tesla

The golden boy of silicon valley and arguably the poster child for visionaries and investors alike, Musk embodies the idea of what the public holds for an entrepreneur even if the people in the trenches are not quite so taken by the facade. That said, markets are a balance of what is today and what could be tomorrow with Tesla providing that blend in spades. But has the market gotten ahead of itself recently is the question.

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Building with Bezos down under

As Amazon reaches for the stars in nearly every market it enters, entering this red hot stock without getting burned requires a bit of finesse even as Bezos cashes out nearly 1 billion dollars’ worth of stock. Entering into the summer doldrums, some pullback is expected before a year end run into holiday season as Amazon seeks to expand into Australia.

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An Amazon Summer

Designed to help one acquire a position in Amazon, the plan reflects the multiple sectors of revenue under attack; From Google/Microsoft on the Cloud sector, to small measurable decrease revenue from Amazon Prime renewals, to a possible product launch issues around the new set-top box if it is not well received in an already crowded sector.

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