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Seeking yield with corporate bonds

As investors hunt for yield with the Fed continuing their dovish policy, corporate bonds may be an opportunity in addition to index funds. As global bond ETFs grow in popularity, Blackrock’s ETF already has been added to the Fed’s purchases. Providing exposure to hundreds of individual bonds in a single ETF, high yield bonds seek to provide more income than investment grade bonds and US treasuries.

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A Reversal of Fortunes

As alluded to back in March, we continue to observe the markets carving out a recovery which saw it make new highs after entering a bear market in a traditional reversal pattern. This was done in record time, condensing 6 years into 6 months; helped mostly by the joint effort of the Fed and record setting stimulus from the Government. What now is ahead will be the topic for many as we enter into one of the most divided elections in recent times.

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A Dilemma Facing Delta

With countries restricting travel, international carriers are faced with headwinds that even the strongest jets will struggle to take off. But investors must see further than the immediate bans and position for when travel returns. The low oil prices should provide excellent opportunities for airlines to lock in prices as well.

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