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The Apple of my Eye

As Apple continues its pivot to services along with the next wave of iPhone designs on-deck, the short term impacts of anti-trust regulations out of Europe should provide excellent opportunities for the astute investor while the Corona Virus takes its toll across the markets.

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Powering the next trend

There is little argument that AI will be leading the next wave of innovation and even fewer companies positioned to deliver the hardware for that tsunami. Positioned well for future profitability and pivoting towards cloud storage for what is clearly going to be a need for all the data the AI will consume with the acquisition of SwiftStack, makes it a long term investment.

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Banking on the mouse

As the corona virus shuts down the parks, impacting many segments of their vast empire; the market is pricing in the next few quarters as if the mouse doesn’t own a dominant position across film, tv, music, gaming, consumer goods and publishing. Don’t count Disney out so soon, after all “All it takes is faith and trust.”.

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There is nothing “micro” or “soft” about this macro move

As Bill steps down from Microsoft’s board to focus on philanthropy, Window’s is continually plagued around updates and year end bets on a hardware reboot with new form factors, the stock is poised for volatility with the markets.

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I "spy" an opportunity…

After a historic bull market, it wasn’t liquidity crisis from Fed actions but an outlier from a virus which has brought uncertainty to the markets and ultimately opportunity for those with resolve to execute.

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