Retracing the Golden expectation

Whether you subscribe to a mistaken sell order around gold or it portends to weakness ahead of the seasonality in late August, some of the glimmer associated to gold is beginning to wane in light of the craze around crypto-currencies making one wonder if the bugs may be eager to dabble in other markets that have much of the same vocabulary.

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Swimming in summer supply

Summer supply has seen record surplus with demand from the top 3 oil consumers wane as producers race to market but how long before an upset impacts the market? Counter trading the price of oil provides measured risk which can provide opportunity for a quick trade.

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A Crude Reality

Despite the best of efforts, societies are still dependent on fossil fuels as technology reaches for alternatives to replace the coveted leader in energy but until then inventories should start to reflect the draw-down as traders dominate this market providing divergence between what is today and where we will be tomorrow.

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A "Shale" Deal

Every so often investors can be lulled into complacency with hopes of endless supplies; wishful thinking around finite resources and the costs associated to extracting them. Recently, Shale has been the new kid on the block, promising exactly that and delivering on the promise – lifting the United States to the coveted spot of largest producer but all that flows is not as it may seem.

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Record Oil Inventories

As the Shale Boom, however temporary, continues to push crude supplies to record levels not seen since the early 1930’s – expect to see weakness which goes against the seasonal trend into the driving months. Barring any social unrest around Russia on the global stage, a pullback is expected as both a stronger dollar from Fed actions along with $5-$8 dollars per barrel is removed from decreasing tensions as emotions wane from sanctions.

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