Seeking yield with corporate bonds

As investors hunt for yield with the Fed continuing their dovish policy, corporate bonds may be an opportunity in addition to index funds. As global bond ETFs grow in popularity, Blackrock’s ETF already has been added to the Fed’s purchases. Providing exposure to hundreds of individual bonds in a single ETF, high yield bonds seek to provide more income than investment grade bonds and US treasuries.

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Bonds Exposure

Investing in high yield bonds is a way to complement your portfolio without taking on more risk. As investors hunt for yield, both through stocks and fixed income instruments, it may be worth considering the long term benefits of investing in corporate bonds.

It's important to keep an eye on what higher yields will mean for future returns though - if rates go up this could put pressure on bond prices as they'll become less attractive relative to other investments and their price will fall. For some people this would not be such a big problem given that you're also getting greater income than with US treasuries or investment grade bonds; others might find themselves selling into another bear market which would impact any potential profits from capital gains tax declines too

The Global Hunt

In what has become a truly global economy, investors are looking for yield in every corner of the world. This includes high-yielding bonds. While there is no shortage of bond options for those seeking to invest their money, the Fed's focus on keeping rates low makes corporate bonds especially attractive.

Default Risk and Interest Sensitivity

With high yielding bonds carrying higher risks due to default risk and interest rate sensitivity, it is crucial investors come up with an appropriate allocation strategy beyond just investing in these funds alone. There may be potential diversification opportunities through other types of investments like index mutual funds or global fixed-income products.

The Intersection of Opportunity

With the Fed pushing unprecedented quantitative easing, U.S. corporate bonds are a rare opportunity for investors looking to take advantage of the Fed's dovish policy. Every investor is different and should tailor their portfolio strategy accordingly, but high-yielding bonds like investment grade corporates offer yield in an environment where rates are low and not expected to rise anytime soon.

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