Auto-Algo Checklist

Let us walk you through the steps needed to begin a relationship with us. Follow the interactive checklist below to complete your account.

New Account Timeline

Register with MarketAlly

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Start by creating an account with us. Follow the link to login/register and then return to the checklist to continue the process.

Take our risk assessment

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Identifiying your risk tolerance is important so we can recommend products for you and make suggestions. Don't worry, we do not restrict any of the products but we do make recommendations.

Approve Electronic authorization

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Before we can continue, we must ensure you are ok with receiving and confirming legal contracts either online or via email.

Review our ADVForm

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As an investment advisory, we disclose everything so you can fully understand the risks associated with interacting with MarketAlly.

Agree to our client agreement

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Review the details associated with engaging in a relationship with MarketAlly, from our responsiblities to yours.

Purchase a NinjaTrader license

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To connect the trading algorithms to the markets, NinaTrader provides the conduit between us and you; a license is therefore needed to provide this. Once you purchase the license, enter it below to continue.

Open a NinjaTrader Brokerage

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A broker account is required which you have complete control over. Follow the link and complete the process, once funded and and your login details are assigned to you - enter them here:

Purchase Hosting Subscription

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There is no software to download with our service, which ensures our Intellectual Property is safe and your experience is consistent. Purchase one of the plans and you can proceed to the next step.

Choose your Charity

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Select from a list of charities. You may chose more than one but you must select at least 1.

Choose your algorithms

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Review the list of algorithms and link them to your account. One of our specialists will enable the strategy and you will be ready to begin.

  1. Click the Title

    To proceed, click each title as you complete the previous to proceed along the checklist.

  2. Verify your Progress

    As you complete each step, this will mark your progress.

  3. Proceed Along Path

    Move to the next task until the end of the checklist

Congratulations! Welcome to MarketAlly