Trump's Timeout

Whether to support or oppose Trump, there is no doubt his actions at least in the short term are inflationary but as Health Care, Tax Reform, and Trade face increased scrutiny in the political sphere the risk associated to these events may not be fully priced into the markets putting the President in a time out as far as markets are concerned.

Be it the recent actions of the Fed’s monetary policy or this administration’s lack of political unity impacting fiscal policy, the markets have perhaps gotten ahead of themselves as we reach the top of the channel providing traders an opportunity to take profits while preparing for the Christmas rally.

  Price Shares Cost Returns R/R
Green Channel 1.50:1
Buy $234.39
Reward $250.78 $1,755.46 $114.73
Risk $223.43 $1,564.01 ($76.72)
Cancel $245.44    
Blue Channel 1:1.07
Buy $223.43
Reward $240.35 $3,364.90 $236.88
Risk $205.25 $2,873.50 ($254.52)
Even $227.08      
1st Trade exit @ reward target $41.72  
Total Reward from all applicable channels $278.60  
Total Risk from all applicable channels ($458.50)  
Red Channel 1.66:1
Buy $205.25
Reward $233.43 $5,602.32 $676.32
Risk $188.28 $4,518.72 ($407.28)
Even $215.44      
1st Trade exit @ reward target ($6.72)  
2nd Trade exit @ reward target $140.00  
Total Reward from all applicable channels $809.60  
Total Risk from all applicable channels ($1,222.15)  
Action to take
Place buy limit order for $7.00 of SPY @ $234.39
Cancel buy limit order for 7
Date Quantity Order Price Fill Price Commision Status Channel
  Activity Log User Date
Plan created Dave Friedel 6/27/2017
Date Type Message Status
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Date Charity Amount Status
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  1. Check Plan Status

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  2. Review the Amount of Capital

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  3. Set your Buy Order

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  4. Set your Reward Target

    When the first order executes, you will need to create an exit order at the target price

  5. Watch the Cancel Target

    If we hit the Cancel Price before the Buy Price, you will cancel the order as the plan is invalid.

  6. Set Buy Order

    When you enter your 1st Buy Order, set the 2nd Buy Order immediately. You can do this at the same time as the 1st order

  7. If 2nd Buy Triggers

    Set the exit for all the shares from 1st and 2nd at the 2nd Reward. This means canceling the 1st Reward target but you should also set the 3rd Buy Price.

  8. Changing your Mind

    If you want to exit the plan with no loss at this point, this is your break even price that you will need to set for all open shares.

  9. Risk for 2nd Execution

    The total risk for 1st and 2nd execution if you use the 2nd risk target to exit all shares.

  10. Reward for 2nd Execution

    The total returns for 1st and 2nd executions if you exit all shares at 2nd reward target.

  11. Repeat like Above

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  12. Risk for Entire Plan

    If the 3rd Risk target is hit, this will be your total loss for the plan.

  13. Reward for Entire Plan

    If you exit all shares at the 3rd Reward target, this will be your profit.

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