Polygraph : Robo-trading Algorithms

An automated trading system which is ready to elevate your performance.

Whether you are an active day trader or an individual investor, our platform levels the playing field and provides you the tools necessary to succeed.

Polygraph is not your father’s algorithmic trading system. Polygraph is a robust AI-enabled trading engine which takes real-time information and marries it with a dynamic modeling to identify opportunities and continuously adjusts to market conditions.

Personal Portal

Every client gets their own personalized server, not just a dashboard which means you never share with others to ensure complete autonomy of your data.

AI-Enabled Engine

Our trading engine will help you identify opportunities and adjust to market conditions without the emotional strain of trading for a living.

Dynamic Modelling

Even the best algorithms have a shelf-life. Our Algorithms continually evolve to ensure that you always stay one step ahead.

So how does Polygraph help you generate a greater return on your portfolio?

There are two types of individuals who are using polygraph today. Which one are you?

  1. Individual Investors who would like to harness the power of an automated trading system. Long used by hedge funds, investment banks, and market makers, automated trading is now available to you for use in your portfolio. Set your risk tolerance, pick your trading objectives, and Polygraph will constantly be analyzing market trends and placing trades which optimize return while minimizing risk.

    For individual investors - polygraph enables you to set it, and forget it.

  2. Elite Day Traders who would like to execute their own trades but observe the buy/sell signals which Polygraph identifies. Think of Polygraph as your second set of eyes on the market. The system can confirm your existing bias, question a new trade, and identify trades which may have been overlooked.

    Polygraph provides elite day traders with an edge when placing new positions, stop-loss orders and profit targets.

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