Built by, and for, elite day traders, this is the ultimate tool for gathering trading signals in real-time.

Our artificial-intelligence driven platform aggregates market sentiment and provides traders with the collective intelligence of all participants during the trade day.

We aggregate the market bias of elite day traders, allowing every trader using StockSwarm to make more profitable decisions. Our unique approach to collective intelligence means that traders can work together – rather than against one another - while the markets trade live.

Don’t fight the current… join the hive.

Working Together

By aligning the collective intelligence, all traders benefit from better visiblity.

Continuous Analysis

Predictions are not static to a specific timeframe but evolve as markets do.

Personalized Metrics

Our AI will help improve your trading skills by providing you valuable feedback.

Free for Traders

Active* day traders that provide predictions can enjoy the platform for no charge.

Coming Soon