Inhaling more than meets the eye

The recent drop in almost all markets, be that bonds, equities to cryptos shows the power of a dollar spike but if these become common place, the migration to alternative forms of diversification may become more common place. The darling of the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum offers a unique blend of application and exchange.

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Canceled Plan

The cancel price was reached before the first buy could be triggered.

  Price Shares Cost Returns R/R
Green Channel
Buy 760
Reward 1,650 3,618.42105263 1,951.75438596
Risk 566 1,241.22807018 -425.43859649
Cancel 944    
Blue Channel
Buy 566
Reward 1,100 6,478.20965842 3,144.87632509
Risk 461 2,714.95877503 -618.3745583
Even 618.63854267      
1st Trade exit @ reward target 745.61403509  
Total Reward from all applicable channels 3,890.49036018  
Total Risk from all applicable channels -1,274.07631269  
Red Channel
Buy 461
Reward 840 9,110.62906725 4,110.62906725
Risk 328 3,557.48373102 -1,442.51626898
Even 528.31083163      
1st Trade exit @ reward target 175.43859649  
2nd Trade exit @ reward target 1,613.6631331  
Total Reward from all applicable channels 5,899.73079683  
Total Risk from all applicable channels -3,791.53368886  
Green Channel

reward : risk
level reached 70.45%
Blue Channel

reward : risk
level reached 38.64%
Red Channel

reward : risk
level reached 22.73%

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