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MarketAlly isn’t just another platform providing trade recommendations, we provide unmatched market intelligence and execution solutions to individual investors, financial advisors, and active day traders.

We are a truly unique investment space – combining artificial intelligence, advanced algorithmic modeling, and collective bias to provide actionable signals which will increase your risk-adjusted returns.

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As investors hunt for yield with the Fed continuing their dovish policy, corporate bonds may be an opportunity in addition to index funds. As global bond ETFs grow in popularity, Blackrock’s ETF already has been added to the Fed’s purchases. Providing exposure to hundreds of individual bonds in a single ETF, high yield bonds seek to provide more income than investment grade bonds and US treasuries.

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As Intel and AMD continue to duke it out for supremacy, one cannot dismiss the impressive lineup of processors from AMD recently which has seen many racing to offer the AMD processors in popular laptops given they tend to offer better value for the money especially when it comes to multitasking. Along with some possible opportunities around graphic card offerings, this stock continues to be a popular one for traders and investors alike; particularly popular with the younger generation.

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Still the dominant player in AI and widely used in graphics as well, the power of NVidia continues to impress as they powered to new heights but the real push behind their meteoric rise are the edge based computing platforms on the horizon. As Microsoft doubles down on AI with the supercomputer, it is NVidia as the driving force behind them. So where is the opportunity? New competitors are entering the space like Prodigy, to once again challenge the status quo.

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