Inhaling more than meets the eye

The recent drop in almost all markets, be that bonds, equities to cryptos shows the power of a dollar spike but if these become common place, the migration to alternative forms of diversification may become more common place. The darling of the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum offers a unique blend of application and exchange.

  Price Shares Cost Returns R/R
Green Channel 4.59:1
Buy 760
Reward 1,650 3,618.42105263 1,951.75438596
Risk 566 1,241.22807018 -425.43859649
Cancel 944    
Blue Channel 5.09:1
Buy 566
Reward 1,100 6,478.20965842 3,144.87632509
Risk 461 2,714.95877503 -618.3745583
Even 618.63854267      
1st Trade exit @ reward target 745.61403509  
Total Reward from all applicable channels 3,890.49036018  
Total Risk from all applicable channels -1,274.07631269  
Red Channel 2.85:1
Buy 461
Reward 840 9,110.62906725 4,110.62906725
Risk 328 3,557.48373102 -1,442.51626898
Even 528.31083163      
1st Trade exit @ reward target 175.43859649  
2nd Trade exit @ reward target 1,613.6631331  
Total Reward from all applicable channels 5,899.73079683  
Total Risk from all applicable channels -3,791.53368886  
Action to take
Place buy limit order for 2.19298246 of USDT-ETH @ 760
Cancel buy limit order for 2.1929824561403508771929824566
Date Quantity Order Price Fill Price Commision Status Channel
  Activity Log User Date
Plan created Dave Friedel 2/12/2018
Date Type Message Status
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Date Charity Amount Status
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  1. Check Plan Status

    Make sure the plan has not begun yet. Once InProgress, you will need to decide if you want to catch up.

  2. Review the Amount of Capital

    Each plan has a total amount of capital that may be used to execute. You can adjust the amount you want to assign to this plan & press Update & Review

  3. Set your Buy Order

    Each channel will provide a buy price and # of shares. You will want to set the 1st order as GTC at your broker

  4. Set your Reward Target

    When the first order executes, you will need to create an exit order at the target price

  5. Watch the Cancel Target

    If we hit the Cancel Price before the Buy Price, you will cancel the order as the plan is invalid.

  6. Set Buy Order

    When you enter your 1st Buy Order, set the 2nd Buy Order immediately. You can do this at the same time as the 1st order

  7. If 2nd Buy Triggers

    Set the exit for all the shares from 1st and 2nd at the 2nd Reward. This means canceling the 1st Reward target but you should also set the 3rd Buy Price.

  8. Changing your Mind

    If you want to exit the plan with no loss at this point, this is your break even price that you will need to set for all open shares.

  9. Risk for 2nd Execution

    The total risk for 1st and 2nd execution if you use the 2nd risk target to exit all shares.

  10. Reward for 2nd Execution

    The total returns for 1st and 2nd executions if you exit all shares at 2nd reward target.

  11. Repeat like Above

    You will repeat the same steps as above but for these price levels.

  12. Risk for Entire Plan

    If the 3rd Risk target is hit, this will be your total loss for the plan.

  13. Reward for Entire Plan

    If you exit all shares at the 3rd Reward target, this will be your profit.

  14. Interactive Chart

    You can press the Play icon on the chart and it will fill in the chart as days pass.

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